Why You Might Want To Consider A Heat-Controlled Storage Unit When In Canada


If you live in Canada, or you are relocating to this country, you may have a lot of belongings that you need to store elsewhere. Self-storage units are the best option, but you should seriously consider storing your things in a heat-controlled unit. Here are some excellent reasons why. 

Canada's Winters Are Unkind, Even to Items in Storage

Canada is one of the coldest places on Earth for humans to inhabit. Yet, many people are resilient enough to call it home. Know what is not as resilient as you? Your stuff is not. You would be really surprised to learn that your heirloom Christmas ornaments from your great-grandmother and your teak dining set will not survive several Canadian winters housed in a typical storage unit with no heat or humidity control. That said, if you want to store anything away that will not do well in subzero temperatures for several months, a heated storage unit is your best bet.

Items of Value Always Require Environmental Controls

Art, classic and vintage cars, and even old music records and books, need to be stored somewhere reasonably warm and mildly humid. If you store these objects in a frigidly cold and dry storage unit, you can damage the art, split leather upholstery in the vehicles, crack engine blocks, and shatter records as though you had dipped them in dry ice. If you are not going to store these items in your new home or you do not have a very safe place to store them, they must be stored in a unit where you can control the temperature and/or humidity with perfect accuracy. The Arctic air that sweeps through most of Canada's provinces in winter can easily destroy all of the above, despite the fact that your valuable items would not even be out in the direct polar winds. 

It Is Much More Comfortable to Visit Your Unit When You Need To

If you need to retrieve any of your items from your storage unit in winter (e.g., your heirloom ornaments), it is much safer and more comfortable to open a heated unit than to open one standing outdoors in the cold. You are not likely to suffer frostbite while trying to maneuver through your unit when the unit is either indoors, or heat-controlled. You can even rewarm yourself if you are out and about in winter, and your vehicle's heater does not seem to be working but you are close to your storage unit. 


11 March 2019

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