Settling In Without Unpacking: Four Tips For Your First Night In A New Home


Moving day is a busy and stressful day, so the last thing you'll want to do when you get into your new home is begin unpacking. There are several things you can do to feel a bit more settled in without having to start unpacking right away. Use the following ideas to make the first night in your home relaxing and enjoyable.

Arrange For Electronics Setup

Some local moving companies offer electronics setup services, which typically include setting up your televisions and computers. It can also include installing home theater equipment and other electronic components. Instead of trying to sort out a stack of cords and cables, leave it to the experts on moving day. After the movers leave, you and your family can enjoy a favorite movie or television show in your new home.

Pack Bedtime Bags

Packing a bag of essentials you'll need right away when you move is a good idea, but packing separate bedtime bags can make it easier to get little ones ready for the first night in a new home. Pack one bag for each child, and include items that can help your children get to sleep. These items might include storybooks, stuffed animals, and a night-light. Consider packing a few new items as a fun surprise for the new home. The bags should also include sheets and blankets you can use to make each bed.

Ditch The Pizza

Ordering pizza is an easy way to feed a hungry family after a move, but it won't necessarily make you feel more at home. Instead, look for a local restaurant that offers heartier family fare. You'll feel like you're eating a home-cooked meal without having to unpack the kitchen or do any meal prep. Ideas for this first meal might include fried chicken and mashed potatoes or pasta and salad. You can purchase disposable plates and cutlery to serve this meal on for easy cleanup afterward.

Prepare The Bathrooms

After a long day of moving, you and your family might feel like taking long showers or baths. Arrange a separate box filled with toiletries and towels when you are preparing to move, and have one family member use the items inside the box to begin setting up the bathrooms while the movers are unloading the truck. Setting up the bathroom should include hanging the shower curtain, placing bath mats on the floor, and putting out towels and soaps for bathing. You can also add a few scented candles to each bathroom for some relaxing aromatherapy. By doing this while the movers are busy, you can ensure that each bathroom is ready for hot baths and relaxing showers as soon as the movers leave.

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26 February 2018

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